Blok doesn’t stop at the front door.

Blok is passionate about urbanism and the development of our city, and this we believe requires active urban citizens.

 We take our role as property developers very seriously and are intrinsically conscious of the immediate impact we have on the neighbourhoods and the communities in which we develop.

 We have committed to forming meaningful and long lasting relationships with the stakeholders of the Atlantic Seaboard and City on its crime and grime initiatives. By collaborating in this way we will unlock huge benefits together such as increased security and exposure to much needed resources. We are particularly excited to be involved in the leading edge License Plate Recognition (LPR) Program.

 Blok is also extremely passionate about greening the urban landscape, and our most recent project with the City of Cape Town involves breathing new life into an otherwise forgotten community park. Public Open Spaces are often seen as the heart and soul of urban communities, and it is crucial that people see these as safe and desirable extensions of their own homes.

 A new approach to urban development presents a multitude of opportunities to enhance city living. Not only for Blok homeowners, but their neighbours too.