Young urbanist profile: Rashiq Fataar

We sat down with Rashiq Fataar, a young urbanist and city dweller, to chat about what makes Cape Town special to him.

City living has become a growing trend, which is of particular interest to this young urbanist.  Growing up in the suburbs Rashiq, founder and director of Future Cape Town, spent much of his time in the city and Atlantic Seaboard, visiting his grandparents who lived in the Bo Kaap and spending time at Sea Point Pavilion.

“For as long as I can remember, I have had a connection with the central city and Atlantic Seaboard. The idea that you can be in the thick of things and see the changes is incredible because it allows you to imagine building your life there,” says Fataar.

The Mother City offers so much – there are always new hidden gems that one can find.

Fataar adds, “Once discovered, the city gems quickly become popular but my favourite is Honest Chocolate on Wale Street. I remember back when they were making chocolate in their apartment and now they have a full-fledged coffee shop with a bit of a courtyard at the back, which leads to Commune 1 Gallery. That is always a gem.”

On another note, with fun comes the responsibility of work, which is when life can become rather busy.

Laughing, Rashiq gives us a breakdown of a possible day in his busy life, “Everyday is different. We usually have one or two meetings during the day where we spend time looking at content for the week and making sure that everything is up to date. Also, because of our partnership with Blok, we spend time going around looking at different parks and sites, analyzing what they have been doing and how to improve the space. However, after all the manic running around, it is nice to go home to your own space and leave it all behind.”

Fataar told us all about an interesting feature in his apartment. “I purchased a bike hook from a DIY store and my bicycle just literally gets hooked onto it and people always ask if it is an installation when they see it, so that is a really cool and simple display item. I enjoy the way the city embraces quirky yet functional design.”

The city has so much to offer – you walk out of your door and you get to experience: work, art, unique foods and different cultures. Around every corner there is a possibility of a new experience. This is why Rashiq loves living in the city.