Form and Function

17 July 2018

“I think Weylandts and Blok share very similar values in our appreciation of design, quality of product, and unwavering dedication to an excellent customer experience” observes Chris Weylandt. 

There is a reason that Chris is where he is today. He is forthright, honest and truly focused on getting the best out of himself and the people he works with. Building a brand is clearly not easy. Building one as successful as Weylandts, well, that takes an unwavering commitment and application. 

“A founder has a unique bond to his brand, that hired CEOs cannot always empathise with. Yes, it is business, but it is also very personal, and thus by nature is part of me as a person. It stays with me at the office, at home or on the road, but not in a way that burdens me. I love that inspiration can come from any situation because it is not something I switch on or off.”

In everything Chris says, there is more than a dollop of duality, of balance. “I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have different sides to their personality. I have sides of me that are creative, inquisitive, passionate, stubborn, thoughtful and impulsive, and probably many more.” Chris speaks with drive and passion. He is also massively modest and humble. He understands that it’s not only hard work that got him to where he is. But rather a multitude of other ingredients, “Could I put it down to one thing? Absolutely not. It’s down to my father’s determination, my vision, my family’s support, the hard work of everyone who has ever worked for Weylandts, our loyal customers and of course a slice of luck!” It’s this perspective of how things are put together which makes Chris such a remarkable man.

He knows the value of each side and trait that people, and design, can hold. You need to marry the functional with the aesthetic, the meaning with the meticulous craft. “I am creative by nature, so I find inspiration primarily in what I see, which is generally aesthetic. I will then take that inspiration and start on a design in a similar fashion. As the design evolves, functionality gets added to the point that I feel the balance is correct. The trick is knowing at what point the balance is right.” But Chris also fully understands that sometimes the balance needs to be skewed. That playing to your strength gives something a different kind of meaning, “The balance of aesthetic and function is wholly down to the application. A piece of art is almost all aesthetic with little function, a piece of paper is almost all function with little design. Consumer goods like electronics, fashion, vehicles, and of course furniture, need a much more mindful balance to be successful.”

“It’s about landing a clear idea of the style and personality, both of the space, the pieces and the person who will be living there” Chris notes as we wind down our conversation. Speaking with someone as focused and considered as Chris, you can’t help but feel comfort in his ideas and values. It’s no wonder that the spaces he helps fill with tone and personality feel exactly the same.


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