Inside Out

10 July 2018

The duality and balance that exists within EIGHTONN is personified by interior coordinator, Holly Hamlyn. A young English woman with a South African heart and soul, she embodies all the right pieces of dualism.

Holly is the person who turns apartments into homes. She talks about how important it is for people to find a place of solace and relaxation when they get home. For instance, the way the warmth of the colour palette chosen for EIGHTONN draws you in, wrapping around you and leaving you feeling like there really is no place like home. While these same colours offer something to your guests too, allowing you to invite people into the same warmth and comfort you enjoy every day.

“With any home, duality is important. It’s a place you want to show off and invite your friends to. But it’s also an incredibly intimate space. What will they feel? So we pore over every element, from lighting to colour to the use of space, to make sure it’s just right.”

When it comes to process, Holly starts dissecting the feel of each development by scoping the location, and who might live there. “The space and size of the apartments make a difference. EIGHTONN needs to be sophisticated, inviting and stylish. It’s a larger, more mature and intimate building.” With every development, it’s clear that Blok wants to push and do something different while still maintaining a feel and finish that people have come to love about Blok.

EIGHTONN has a warmer palette, some of which is slightly softer, with a gentle femininity to it. We’ve utilised contrasts of darker and lighter shades so each space can pop but also allow you to dress it to your taste. The architects work closely on each layout applying the colouration, style and design elements that I set out.”

Holly speaks with an immense appetite for bringing together the best of each world that your home represents. Her own experiences adding to the way she sees a home coming to life in an area that at times can have the busy feel she grew up with in the UK mixed into the warmth and calm that exists in Cape Town.

“Our job is to create a home where people find the best way to utilise the space they’re in on a Friday night, with a few glasses of wine and dinner with friends, while on the flipside giving you the opportunity to curl up on the sofa and relax in complete comfort on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a balance between a space for entertainment and hibernation. Your surroundings reflect your energy and allow you to live in a way that is perfectly suited to you.”


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