Welcome to the hood, EIGHTONN.

15 February 2018

We will be bringing design innovation to a new address with the launch of our latest development, EIGHTONN. The five storey building, situated on Norfolk Road in Sea Point, will house 18 spacious, pet-friendly and water and energy efficient apartments, designed with the motif of duality and modernity in mind. 

The residences will comprise  one-, two- and three-bedroom homes, some of which are terrace apartments. Also included are three- and four-bedroom penthouses. According to our Managing Director, Jacques van Embden: “By challenging convention and questioning every design norm, we continue to design space with duality and innovation. The continued delivery of well thought-out and articulated internal spaces are complemented through a focus on diversified urban opportunities. EIGHTONN focuses on bringing two and three bedroom homes to the market, ensuring more diverse individuals and families can access these urban opportunities.”

In keeping with modern building features, EIGHTONN will be equipped with access control, CCTV and on-site security. Other features of the building include secure parking, high-speed internet and water-intelligent fittings. “Nature itself is telling us to be more efficient and it is with this in mind that we have included into the design of the building a rain water harvesting system and borehole connection and filtration system which will connect into water tanks. This is added to the already efficient glazing, water heating and smart energy products and appliances we always include as fundamentals of a good building and home, ensuring we are working harder to create more sustainable buildings and living habits,” says van Embden. 

The theme of duality has been unpacked both in the interior and exterior of the building, with WAUW - the architectural firm responsible for bringing the building to life - seeking to replicate the way in which nature creates balance and repeats itself in its own design, with each repetition creating something unique that adds to its purpose. The fractals seen in nature - with the same pattern of elements  in different sizes, arrangements and angles creating very different parts - served to guide the building's design, with the inside being designed to look and feel different from how it is experienced outside. Like a leaf, the building spreads out from a central stem, with the apartments and their balconies flowing out from it.  This is again replicated through the uniquely designed layout of each apartment, with balconies and the living areas on the outside and the sleeping and quieter areas being tucked away towards the inside of the building. 

This latest iteration of our urban ideology is a celebration of the harmony created by opposites, starting with its setting. Framed on one side by the tranquil tides of the Atlantic Ocean and the vibrancy of Main Road on the other, the development's location enables residents to immerse themselves in Sea Point's duality.  There are sandy beaches, tidal pools, kids’ playgrounds and sunset strolls on the Promenade and then there is the bustling abundance of eateries and shops lining the suburb's developing main strip. The balance of both is what gives the neighbourhood its unique feel.

Occupation is scheduled for summer 2019/ 2020.

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