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We are Blok

Blok is a property development brand with a difference.

Sure, we’ve heard this before but you see a Blok apartment is designed and curated by passionate urban dwellers themselves and this understanding results in a product that delivers on every aspect of city living.

Rooted in the foundation on which our developments stand, from our first project FOURONC to ONEHUNDREDONM, 16 developments later, are three pillars: urban homes, urban living and design.

City living begins in the urban home. Well thought out, beautifully and intuitively designed urban apartments, and of course a perfectly framed view of the world to explore beyond your front door. These are details that make each Blok apartment unique.

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At the heart of urban living is connectedness. Connectedness between the spaces we call home and the community in which they reside. Home extends into the neighbourhood that surrounds you, alive with energy and opportunity, and the people who exist in these urban communities that become part of the experience of connected living.

We believe that good design has the power to change lives. It is form and function living seamlessly together. Inspired by art, nature and fashion, we apply our learning to every facet of the Blok experience. From our brand to our spaces and buildings, we strive to create design that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Blok is more than a property brand. It’s an opportunity to rediscover urban living.


Sounds cool right?