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Urban Homes • 2 minute read

FOUR ON O, an exciting investment opportunity.

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Have you considered short-term rentals when investing in a property? In 2018, AirBnB grew revenue from bookings and value added services in South Africa from R5 billion to R8.5 billion and about 70% of that was attributed to Cape Town. In 2018, Airbnb reported a 65% year-over-year growth in South Africa. That growth is astounding and fundamentally down to the appeal of homestay and short-term leasing. More and more individuals are factoring in the potential revenue from homestay letting when purchasing a property, such as letting out their home whilst they are traveling - a unique way to build more income on the side. I believe that people who are lucky enough to buy in areas that are sought-after for home-stays are going to start factoring this into their purchase decision, as property is expensive and homestay revenue is a means to supplement the financing of it. Our new development FOUR ON O is the perfect opportunity to invest in the short-term rental space.


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