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Urban Living • 4 minute read

Localised - A guide to Cape Town by Capetonians

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A holiday is anything but a holiday. First of all, there's the getting there part; flights, hotels, trains, taxis and the lost baggage concern. Then there's the immediate sense of expectation to explore every corner of your new urban playground; to understand its people, embrace its culture, taste its finest foods, sample its crafty beers and return home to your envious friends a wiser, more interesting human. This is usually not the case as stress takes its toll and before you know it you're just another passenger on the overloaded tour bus of mediocrity. Localised is a guide to Cape Town by Capetonians. See and experience The Mother City through the eyes of four locals: The Hipster, The Socialite, The Adventurer and The Foodie. Pick up your copy of Localised at the Blok Showroom in Sea Point, 51 Regent Road, in featured local hangouts or download it at

Look out for our weekly exploration of each character and their chosen local hang outs that shouldn't be missed.