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58 Vredehoek Avenue, Vredehoek

Welcome To Your Neighbourhood

This secluded Cape Town suburb wears that carefree Sunday feeling perfectly all year round. Nothing here is ever too hurried amidst the leafy streets and sidewalk bars and cafés positioned beneath the sweeping slopes of Table Mountain. With the city and the ocean sparkling in the distance below you, there’s a certain San Franciscan feel to the steeply inclined streets weaving through the hodge podge of houses that make up this eclectic neighbourhood. Mere minutes from the city centre FIFTY8ONV manages to still evoke a sense of tranquil seclusion.

Sidewalk Café

620 Steps

Another member of Madame Zingara’s extended family of quirky “it-could-only-work-in-Cape Town” eateries. For anything from chilled breakfasts and brunches to casually sophisticated dinners, this friendly corner café attracts a diverse mix of clientele and devoted locals in their droves.

Red Sofa Café

598 Steps

For that distinct coffee buzz that keeps Cape Town’s artistic community fired up, check out the Red Sofa. Strictly a daytime venue, it also has some intriguing laid-back meal options and the ubiquitous selection of craft beers. It’s the place for cinephiles to discuss movies and of course, coffee.


595 Steps

This boisterous, no-frills bar and pizza joint is almost always full and filled with the comforting din of revelry. The sort of place that’s top of most people’s list for any kind of celebration. The service is brilliant amidst the relative chaos and the locals swear by the generously topped pizzas.

Vredehoek Library

688 Steps

Easily the quietest place in possibly the quietest part of Cape Town, this quaint library is everything you would expect from one; secluded and serene with a wide range of books to take home or enjoy right there. No wallet is complete without a library card.


698 Steps

Short for the Ecological Cosmetics Company, this is a veritable treasure chest of indulgent soaps , lotions, balms, salts, candles, grooming products and luxury what-have-you’s all made from 100% natural ingredients. You will easily find any last minute, unexpected gift for just about anyone you know right here, and you’ll end up spoiling yourself no doubt too.

Nazereth Fields

14 Steps

The perfect spot for a kick around, a few drop goal attempts or some touch. But watch out, the view over the city can be distracting, and that’s usually when you miss or get tackled.

Skate Park and MyCiTi Bus Station

1198 Steps

It says a lot about a city as to how it treats its youthful citizens and this Upper Maynard Street skate park shows just how progressive Cape Town is. A centre point for kids both young and grown up to shred and hang out, situated just a short “push” away. Don’t worry. For those that don’t skate, make use of the MyCiTi bus routes from the Gardens Station to get to wherever you need to go.


435 Steps

This established anchor of the neighbourhood serves up things slightly differently. It’s always an ideal destination for amazing meals or their famous cupcakes at any time of the day and a perfect “hide” for people watching.

Gardens Shopping Centre

1216 Steps

Cape Town doesn’t really do “malls”, and the ever-popular Gardens Shopping Centre is anything but one. Light-filled, modern and yet welcoming and warm at the same time it has everything you need in terms of convenience from major chains as well as amazing speciality stores and great places to meet. It’s the only place you’ll ever need to get the groceries done.

De Waal Park

1642 Steps

Park culture is booming in this neck of the woods and the largest of them all is De Waal Park. A perfect spot for exercising two or four legs and equally ideal for enjoying a picnic, ball sports or a simple stroll. In summer the place really comes alive with music concerts so keep an ear out for who’s playing.

Molteno Dam

1578 Steps

While obviously supplying the CBD with water this impressive structure also serves as a wonderful training route for many of the city’s jogging enthusiasts. Water, water everywhere so be sure to take some along to drink.

St. Cyprians School

1318 Steps

Widely recognised as one of South Africa’s leading independent girls’ schools, St Cyprians was founded in 1871 and still occupies it’s beautiful corner of Vredehoek on the slopes of Table Mountain. Covering the entire spectrum of education from pre to high school and combining academics with art, culture and spirituality, it’s never too early for your daughter to become a “Cyps” girl for life.

Deer Park Café

1399 Steps

A hit with local parents, Deer Park Café opens up onto Rocklands Road park which is fenced and complete with swings, jungle gyms and plenty of space so the kids can be free, freeing you up to enjoy lunch.

United Herzlia Schools

1501 Steps

Sometimes a great school makes an area famous and sometimes a great area attracts a great school. Sometimes it’s both, and Herzlia -as the top academic school in the province and situated beneath Table Mountain- combines both looks and brains. Cool.

Deer Park

1899 Steps

Quite simply, the locals’ communal backyard. Situated near the hippest places to hang out, Deer Park is still the original hip place to hang out, whether you’re walking with the kids or hounds, chilling or exercising, this tranquil retreat in Vredehoek makes every day feel like Sunday.

Squash at Disa Towers

741 Steps

If the wind’s blowing and you want to blow off some steam, there’s nothing better than smashing a few balls around a squash court. It’s fantastic exercise combining with guile and power, making it the perfect old school workout.