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40 Lion Street, Bo Kaap

Welcome To Your Neighbourhood

It’s had many names over the years: Waalendorp, the Malay Quarter, the Slamse Buurt, Schotcheskloof. But despite shifting nomenclatures, the Bo Kaap has been a bright colourful jewel in the city’s crown for more than two centuries. As this beautiful neighbourhood bobs along in the wake of Cape Town’s rapid modernisation project, it’s crucial to reflect on the value of history, culture, and character in a city.

The Noon Gun

1115 Steps

Jordaan Suprette

301 Steps

Bryant Street Park

196 Steps

Gallery MOMO

328 Steps

Cape Bike Travel

367 Steps

Jason Bakery

393 Steps

Revolution Cycles

469 Steps

Arcade Café

459 Steps

TRÉ Steampunk Club

535 Steps

Sibling Bistro & Mantra Tattoo

591 Steps

Raage Mini Market

641 Steps

Rocksole Shoe & Luggage

673 Steps

Yogis Barber

672 Steps


781 Steps

Open Wine

866 Steps

Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room

853 Steps

Charango Bar & Grill

923 Steps

Publik & Ash

869 Steps

Hanks Olde Irish

944 Steps

Rose Corner Café

656 Steps

Bo Kaap Museum

658 Steps

Atlas Trading

678 Steps


789 Steps

The Bo-Op & Detox Health Bar

701 Steps

Biesmiellah Restaurant

721 Steps

Upper Leeuwen Road Park

196 Steps