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7 Thornhill Road, Green Point

Welcome To Your Neighbourhood

The Atlantic Seaboard stretches along the shimmering coastline to your left, with the working harbour and the cusp of town to your right, you are nestled in the middle of a truly unique urban space. Green Point is aptly named, with lush parkland linking the city to the sea, beginning just 10 steps from your door. Everything is accessible from this quiet haven including a cycle lane traversing the whole of your new backyard. Exceptionally thought out and yours to explore, Blok has once again redefined modern urban living by creating a leafy retreat in the heart of bustling Green Point.

Blok Park

10 Steps

Think of it as your own personal garden, minus the admin. This idyllic piece of parkland on your doorstep is where the children and hounds run amok so the adults can take it easy.


620 Steps

A landmark restaurant in one of the most competitive areas and an all-time favourite of notoriously fickle Capetonian palettes. When anyone gives you directions in Green Point they will usually start with, “you know where Mano’s is…?”

Just Skin Clinic

565 Steps

Everything you need to feel as beautiful as your surroundings is just a brisk trot away. Cape Town’s best kept secret keeping you looking your best.

El Burro & Cabrito

650 Steps

This is as authentically Mexican as it gets, with chefs flown in from the Old Country itself to share their knowledge of daring, delicious true Mexican gourmet chow. Come for the food, stay for the tequilas.

Green Point Cycle Lane

5 Steps

Put the green into Green Point by taking your bike everywhere along the dedicated cycling lanes linking your whole urban landscape together.

Green Point Stadium

1300 Steps

A glittering shrine to the greatest sporting event on earth held with pride in the Mother City during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. International concerts are held regularly, and to the truly cosmopolitan buy a season ticket to watch local team, Ajax Cape Town.

Metropolitan Gold Club

1935 Steps

If you’re looking for more challenging greenery in your new leafy enclave, hit a few around the acclaimed 9-hole golf course. Just a chip and a putt away from your front door.

Atlantic Athletic Club

1278 Steps

There’s no lack of physical activity on your doorstep, but if running’s your game, join the club on their varied scenic runs. It’s so close you won’t even need to warm up when you get there.

Mouille Point Lighthouse

2150 Steps

This distinctive landmark sits along the beachfront road running along Mouille Point (“Mooly Point” to the locals). Its distinctive red and white design is not only a beacon to seafarers, but locals as well.

Green Point Urban Park

1948 Steps

Yet another swathe of greenery for you to enjoy. A stroll? A picnic? A run? Your call. Make sure you check out the exhibitions along the way.

Chris Willemse Cycle Shop

480 Steps

The pre-eminent cycle specialists in Cape Town are just a walk away, if your bike’s broken or you are on the way to buy one from them.

The Butcherman

920 Steps

There’s nothing better than having a local expert on your doorstep to get you the freshest prime cuts. Visit once, and you’ll be a regular.

Giovanni’s Deliworld

522 Steps

The meeting place in Green Point. Typically Italian, with some of the finest deli produce and coffee that’s just perfect, complete with brusque, no-nonsense service. Just fantastic.

Reddam School

101 Steps

One of Cape Town’s best preparatory schools is just down the road. Safe to walk or cycle to, your kids will love going to school in the city. Independence starts earlier here!