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66 Kloof Road, Sea Point

Welcome To Your Neighbourhood

With the entire suburb, from the mountainside to the ocean cascading downhill via avenues and tucked-away roads, Sea Point is aptly named. Hugging the Atlantic seaboard and only a few kilometres from the Cape Town CBD, it thrums to an energy all of its own as it somehow manages to capture the spirit and character of a quaint coastal town, while embracing the rhythm and buzz of big city living. Beyond the quiet of your new home at SIXTY6ONK, the neighbourhood basks in colour and sound and you’ll soon be finding your new favourite haunts, seeing familiar faces and exploring its open urban spaces.

The French School of Cape Town

225 Steps

You couldn’t be prouder as you hear your son shout “Maman je vais à la promenade avec mon skate, pour manger une glace.” As he heads out the door. The internationally recognised diploma he is earning from The French School of Cape Town is starting to pay off.


327 Steps

You’ve been invited for dinner at your new neighbour’s place. You probably should take them something. But what? Blink always has locally crafted, unique little gems. Swing by the shop on Sea Point Main Road. No need to rush though. Dinner’s in 30 and you’re only a few steps from home.

Vet Point

589 Steps

Now that your human kids are off to school, it’s time to take care of your animal child, Lord Fauntleroy. He’s been wheezing since Sunday when he returned from his latest adventure and now you’re off to Dr. Reena Cotton’s friendly practice – Just under 600 steps from SIXTY6ONK.

Weizmann School

275 Steps

The Weizmann Preparatory School with its reputation for high standards of teaching and discipline, will not only provide the kids with a solid educational foundation, but being within walking distance from your front door, will get you out of those early-morning school runs and give you a chance to enjoy a bit of a lie-in.

Peach Clothing

597 Steps

Fashion, clothing and accessories from the farthest corners of the globe. Stay on trend with a little something special from Peach. Perhaps you’ll wear it tonight for drinks or show it off at the weekend when you’re painting the town red.

Lion’s Head Path

2361 Steps

Throw together a small platter of eats and take in the most spectacular sunset on the planet or join a few other adventurous kindred spirits on a hike during Full Moon – all a little more than a stone throw from your front door.

Health Matters

603 Steps

Ever wonder why your nose runs and your feet smell? Health Matters could help you with that, offering everything from healthy treats to sound advice and is ideally located in the Sea Point Medical Centre – near medical practitioners healing any ailment from your nose to your toes.


620 Steps

Sababa’s Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influenced meals are the kind you’d cook regularly if you had the time and the decades of family-secret recipes passed on from generation to generation. If you throw out the containers before the family gets home, you just might be able to take credit for it.

Core Fit Pilates & Hot Dog Yoga Studio

625 Steps

Core Fit Pilates and Hot Dog Yoga Studio are conveniently located, a mere 254 Ardha Virabhadrasanas or 424 Toe Taps from your front door and boast a jaw-dropping view of Lion’s Head. Now, breathe in the fresh sea air, hold-two-three, breathe out the stresses of the day.

Sea Point Promenade

580 Steps

Whether you’re starting your day off with a quick jog to fill your lungs with fresh ocean air or taking in the last rays of sunshine holding hands with the one you love, the Promenade has something for everyone – from a round of Putt-Putt with the family to a quick workout with a buddy at the outdoor gym.

Sea Point Swimming Pools

545 Steps

When the sun comes out to play, you’ll find a mix of locals and tourists soaking it up around arguably the most breathtaking public swimming pool in the world. Swim a few lengths in the Olympic-sized pool while the kids splash about in the two splash pools.

La Perla

683 Steps

Located on the Sea Point beachfront, this Cape Town landmark has become famous over the years as the first port of call for visiting celebrities. Take in the ever-changing menu of carefully curated art as you dine on Italian seafood cuisine or simply revel in the nostalgia this typical seaside Italian restaurant offers you, right on your doorstep.

The Point Shopping Centre

333 Steps

The Point conveniently offers the essentials, and then some. Whether you’re grabbing a legendary steak from NV-80 or picking up the latest gadget to beef up your kitchen from Banks Kitchen Boutique, you won’t have to look much further than a few steps from your new home.

Kleinsky’s Delicatessen

539 Steps

Enjoy a coffee by Deluxe Coffeeworks as you wait for your sweet rugelach pastry at Kleinsky’s, a New York-style deli that gives Jewish cultural cuisine a hip, trendy twist. The Klein Brothers are taking the Cape Town foodie culture by storm - taking the foods they grew up with and making them appeal to anyone and everyone.