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12 Victoria Road, Bantry Bay

Welcome To Your Neighbourhood

TWELVEONV’s relaxed style is perfectly at home in the timeless suburb of Bantry Bay. Nestled amidst mountain, sky and sea, this quaint Atlantic neighbourhood was once known as “Botany Bay” after the proliferation of medicinal plants and herbs that were grown here. Everything here is near by. The swathes of white sandy beaches interrupted only by rocks and sea cliffs, the world famous Sea Point promenade and bustling cafés, restaurants and attractions dotted along the seaboard are all just a few steps from your sanctuary.

Sea Point Tennis Club

287 Steps

Whether you’ve got a blazing forehand and an unstoppable serve or prefer to play tennis in a more social manner, your local court will let you show off every aspect of your game. Don’t forget the balls, bananas and barley water.

Ecole French School

582 Steps

Just a petit saché down the rue de Kings Road is la school de Francais in Bantry Bay which teaches in both French and Anglais. Pretentious? Moi? Not at all, just culturally enlightened!

Mischu Coffee

462 Steps

This is not simply a coffee shop or café but a coffee showroom! In a town obsessed with great coffee, enjoy some of the finest blends while reading the morning paper. There’s also a Coffee School for those who really take their caffeine fixes seriously.

Pavilion Rotary Park

1322 Steps

On the edge of the famous promenade, playgrounds generally don’t come with much better views than this. Secure, sunny and overlooking the sea, it’s the perfect place to while away a few hours with the kids or grandkids.


675 Steps

Casual, and more importantly, authentically Italian (these guys handcraft their own pizza and pasta on the premises). It’s a secret you will only want to share with your closest friends and familia.

Dante Wellness Spa

452 Steps

Conveniently located right where you’d do your grocery shopping. Think of it as the spa right near the Spar!

Koi at the Ambassador Hotel

154 Steps

Breathtaking views over the Atlantic combined with brilliant Asian contemporary fusion fare is a winning combination anywhere, and even better when it’s a short, invigorating stroll from your front door.

Bantry Bay Pharmacy

154 Steps

This landmark pharmacy has been keeping the well-heeled residents of Bantry Bay well healed for decades. A familiar, friendly approach to their loyal customers will ensure this becomes your local chemist too.

Ellerman House

1310 Steps

You know that one old property that just kind of epitomises the history of a neighbourhood? The grand old lady with a storied past and a wine cellar you could get lost in? Two words, Ellerman House.

Biskop Stairs

1547 Steps

Once you’ve completed the 1547 steps to get there, there’s only another 296 to run, walk or crawl up at Cape Town’s most famous set of public stairs. This place will literally take your fitness to the next level.

Clifton Beaches

1751 Steps

The most famous set of beaches by a long way on the South African coastline. Soft white sand, bracingly blue clear water, beautiful bodies and granadilla lollies; this is the place to be whenever the sun is shining, which is often.